Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) Spikes 400% in 14-days, Is this the Right time to Invest?

Vinod Dsouza
women empowerment wemp token
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It’s the month of International Women’s Day and Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) is blazing in full glory in the indices. The token spiked +380% in the last 14-trading days and is also up +193.4% since the last 30-days.

WEMP scaled up in price despite the crypto market dipping last week and chalked out a path of its own. Investors who took an entry position in WEMP during mid-February made good profits and day traders saw better returns, as it performed well even during the recent crash.


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Women Empowerment Token was launched in October 2021 and headed north +4,500% after just three days of its launch. The token spiked another +4,200% on the fourth day and rose another +100% the same week. Investors who poured in their money on day 1 experienced exceptional returns as it delivered gains beyond imagination.

WEMP’s October 2021 performance / Coingecko.com

In just a span of a week in October last year, WEMP knocked out two ‘zeroes’ and signaled to investors that it’s here to stay.

Just recently, the token got listed on Binance Smart Chain through PancakeSwap and BitMart.

How High Can WEMP Token Go From Here?

After seeing tremendous growth in October, WEMP reached an all-time high of $0.000000099821 the same month of its launch. However, after it touched the ATH, WEMP headed south and remained down for three consecutive months.

It is now down -97.8% from its all-time high and is struggling to claw back to its previous glory. The dip from its all-time high is drastic and investors who held on to the token are all under loss.

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WEMP is seeing positive signs only since the last 2-weeks but that could be short-lived. The rigorous dip has put off new investors, therefore making its buying pressure not too attractive. It is advised to remain cautious and wait for further dips before going all-in on WEMP.

What is Women Empowerment Token?

Women Empowerment Token is a community-driven, decentralized DeFi token. It has noble plans to uplift women around the world by providing and encouraging entrepreneurship, jobs, helping run existing businesses, and also donating to women-centric charities.

Christine Curran, WEMP’s founder revealed on the website that she’s proud that the first 99 holders of the token are women. She aims to encourage and educate more women to invest in cryptocurrencies for a better financial life.

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At press time, WEMP was trading at $0.000000002149 and is down -14% in the 24-hours day trade.