World’s Richest Non-exchange Wallet Has Purchased 3,241 BTC in a Day

Vignesh Karunanidhi
World’s Richest Non-exchange Wallet Has Purchased 3,241 BTC in a Day
Source: CoinCentral

A whopping 3,241 BTC has been gulped by one of the richest non-exchange wallet whales in 24 hours.

It seems like the whales have started diving deep into the market as we see the mass accumulation of BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Adding a few stacks to 120,000 BTC

The anonymous whale that holds more than 120,000 Bitcoin added 3,241 more to its stash. The whale’s current holding is estimated to be slightly over $5.5 billion.

The whale, which is the third-richest compared to the wallets managed by the crypto exchanges Binance and Bitfinex, acquired 289 BTC initially and then another 2,952 BTC on April 5th.

The freshly acquired bitcoin is worth little more than $145 million in total.

The whale’s movements in recent weeks have been roughly as erratic as the price of BTC, and this week’s accumulation phase comes only days after a series of significant outflows.

A closer look at the whale’s transactions signifies that the address seems to have sold 3,000 Bitcoin between March 21st and the end of March.

And another 4,500 BTC departed the wallet between April 1st and the early hours of April 5th. In less than three weeks, the total amount of withdrawals appears to be a little more than $336 million.

Whale addresses with 10k-100k BTC have surged in value in the previous 30 days. An estimated 84 addresses now possess a total of 2.17 million BTC. As we can see from the increasing stack, the accumulation pattern appears to be repeating itself.

In one of its most recent purchases, MicroStrategy amassed $4,167 in bitcoin. MicroStrategy and its subsidiaries are predicted to have 129,218 bitcoins as of April 4, 2022, based on all purchases.

LUNA is not far behind, having amassed $230 million in Bitcoin. The LUNA foundation currently has a whopping 35,768 BTC.