Would 2022 prove ‘the Power of Dogs’ like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, SafeMoon & Floki Inu?

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Biographic

We’re currently in an era where dogs have been making it to the news headlines on almost a daily basis. Just a day back, for instance, a video of an allegedly homeless man celebrating his dog’s birthday in Colombia was doing rounds on social media. Well, It doesn’t take much time for dog-related content to go viral too, for they effortlessly appeal to the masses. At the end of the day, dogs have their own way to come into the spotlight, right?

In another recent dog-related happening, Jane Campion’s ‘The Power of the Dog’ took home the Best Picture – Drama award at the 78th Golden Globe Awards. In fact, the Power of the Dog also won the best film of 2021 in the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival too.

Leaving aside the dog-related banter, people from the crypto community have, quite literally, started recognizing and acknowledging the power of dog-themed coins.

Notwithstanding the performance of other major cryptos from the space, coins from this specific category have fetched their investors with abnormal gains. In the one-year timeframe, DOGE alone has risen by approximately 1674%. Other coins too, on their part, have also risen by gawk-worthy numbers in even shorter timeframes.

Is 2022 destined to be a paw-some year?

Entities from the space have gradually started validating the impact that meme-coins and their respective armies create. The past few days have typically been characterized by exchange listings, novel tie-ups, upgrades, and other developments.

With the growing demand for such coins, exchanges have begun taking them seriously by listing them. Within the next few hours, for instance, Safemoon is all set to be listed on BitMart, a prominent crypto trading platform.

Additionally, more and more payment gateways have started accepting meme-coins as payment means. Cryptos like DOGE and FLOKI for instance are already standing right next to major coins like BTC and ETH on the payment and settlement fronts. In fact, 10 different companies started accepting SHIB as a payment method in December last year.

What’s more, the projects have also started taking their development game quite seriously, leaving no stone unturned on their respective parts. SafeMoon, for instance, has a lot lined up in the pipe for this year.

Well, the aforementioned updates, data, and stats largely point towards the growing business appetite for meme coins. This has gradually taken shape owing to the underlying coins’ strong community backing and ever-evolving ecosystem and use-cases.

Looking at the current trends and traction already amassed, it doesn’t look like the brakes would be applied anytime soon. Meme-coins would end up making their case even stronger as the year continues to unfold itself.