XRP: AI Sets Price Prediction for March 1, 2023

Joshua Ramos
Source: FX Empire

Currently guided by what can be observed as a bullish sentiment, XRP has seen AI set its price prediction for March 1, 2023. PricePredictions has used machine learning algorithms to observe how the digital assets will fair at the start of next month.

XRP is in a rather precarious situation due to its complications, in a legal sense. The community maintains an interest in how the asset will perform amidst the ongoing legal issues between the SEC and Ripple.

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XRP Price Prediction for March 1st

XRP is among the most well-known cryptocurrencies, but maybe not for the reason some would like. The token was at the center of a legal confrontation between the US regulatory agency and Ripple. Now, as those situations come to a head, all eyes are on the token’s price action.

The digital asset has seen a machine learning algorithm set its price for the upcoming month. As XRP has its AI price prediction for March 1, 2023, setting it up for an interesting trend. Analytics firm, PricePrediction, has noted a “bearish trend in the long-term,” for the digital asset. Moreover, affirming a price decrease of $0.00155 over the next week. Subsequently, leaving the token at a price of $0.38752 by Feb. 28.

XRP 30-Day Forecast Source: PricePredictions

Additionally, the short-term has seen the machine learning algorithm expecting a decrease in the tokens’ price. Conversely stating that although XRP investors note positive returns of 3.60%, they “anticipated a potential correction in the near-term.”

Ultimately, according to the 30-day forecast, XRP is likely to trade at $0.3910 on March 1, 2023, according to data obtained today. Although it is a decrease in projected value, it is merely a minor decrease of 1%. Additionally, Finbold notes that the token maintains a $0.49 price projection for the end of the year.