XRP Gears for Ascent As Ripple Reaffirms 100% Support

Sahana Kiran
Source – FX Empire

Ripple, a leader in blockchain, has reasserted its strong support for XRP, its primary digital token. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, delivered this emphatic message during a fireside chat at the XRP Las Vegas 2024 event.

There, he dispelled any uncertainties surrounding the company’s loyalty to XRP. The event was held on May 3-4 and provided a platform for industry figures and investors to explore emerging trends.

Amidst discussions on topics like Web 3.0 and decentralized finance [DeFi], Garlinghouse’s address emerged as a pivotal moment, highlighting Ripple’s enduring commitment to XRP. He further said,

“Anyone who thinks Ripple is not 100% behind XRP is just missing. They’ve lost the plot.”

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How High Can Ripple [XRP] Surge This May?

Source: Bloomberg

Amidst market speculation and anticipation, XRP’s current resilience, trading at $0.5221, hints at potential upward momentum. Furthermore, insights from Changelly suggest an average XRP rate of $0.617 in May 2024. The projected minimum price of the altcoin is $0.526. The maximum high that XRP would surge to is around $0.707.

This week in particular is playing an important role in the market. The asset is expected to attain a high of $0.707329 on May 12. XRP will witness a 33% rise from its current level.


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Against a backdrop of market uncertainties, Garlinghouse’s reassurance serves as a beacon of stability for XRP investors. Beyond short-term price movements, Ripple’s steadfast dedication underscores its resilience in the market.

As the altcoin navigates through market fluctuations and regulatory challenges, the synergy between Ripple and XRP remains pivotal for its enduring relevance and success.