YoloCash Spikes 5,570,000% & Crashes 5.5 Million Percent in 24-hours

Vinod Dsouza
YoloCash YLC
Source: Pixabay

The cryptocurrency market is filled with volatility that can turn $1 into $1 million for a few lucky investors. At the moment, an unprecedented rise was observed for YoloCash crypto (YLC), which spiked 5,570,000% (5.5 million percent) on Wednesday. The crypto skyrocketed millions of percent in less than 24 hours and dipped to its previous lows on the same day.

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Source: CoinMarketCap.com

YoloCash was trading at $0.00022500 on Wednesday and it aggressively rallied up to $13 in just 14 trading hours. The next few hours saw the token plummet back again to $0.00061371 levels erasing all profits generated in a day. It was a 5 million percent correction making it the riskiest asset to trade in this week.

When the token crossed $13 in the charts, investors dumped it in an instant, booking massive profits. A mere $1,000 investment turned into nearly $50 million with a dramatic and unbelievable spike of 5,570,000%.

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Source: CoinMarketCap.com

Should You Invest In YoloCash (YLC) Crypto?

No, avoid investing your money in YoloCash (YLC) crypto as it could be another pump-and-dump scheme. The crypto markets are rife with obscure tokens like these that could take investors on an unforgettable and disastrous ride. The token might never again repeat this feat and might not delete any ‘zeroes’ in the coming years or months. An investment in schemes like these is not advisable and only a few could have timed its rise and fall.

Those who didn’t sell at its peak might never recover their investment amount again. The crypto markets are plush with tokens like these that give a shock at first and deliver sadness later.

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After reaching $13 on Wednesday, YoloCash is trading at $0.00061371 on Thursday at press time. However, it is up 173% from Wednesday’s price.