You can now be paid in Floki Inu, Here’s how

Namrata Shukla
Source: Cointelegraph

The dogs have taken over the crypto-verse and Floki Inu is chasing the popularity train. Floki Inu emerged as a people’s crypto in 2021 following the meme coin hype of Shiba Inu and derived its name from Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’s pet called Floki. Although the digital asset has not had a very eventful start to 2022 with the market on a downtrend, it was surely gaining more attention from businesses wanting to utilize FLOKI.

Non-custodial crypto payments processor NOWPayments announced that people can now receive salaries in FLOKI. The payment gateway noted,

As the Floki Inu community celebrates this move by the payment processor, many were hinting at CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to list FLOKI on their site.

A Twitter user noted,

“Day 79 of reminding @CoinMarketCap and @coingecko to verify $FLOKI MC on their site. The #FlokiVikings appreciate your help!! @RealFlokiInu #FLOKI”

While the market performance of the coin and the project was put into question by some other users. A Twitter user noted,

“-64% in two months you will go to the ground? @RealFlokiInu #FLOKI the people lost the trust in the coin, always a new news for the coin down more and more when disappearing the coin you happy? #FlokiVikings #flokiinu”

Whether or not employers accept Floki Inu as a means of payment cannot be answered yet as many mainstream cryptos were striving to achieve that level. Floki Inu and its community is driven to popularize the coin, however, the real utility still lacks.

2022 could prove to be an interesting year for meme coins like Floki itself. As the team wants to move away from being just a meme token, other tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin were also aiming for better utility. This year could help in refining the space with real projects and spur competition between these doggo coins.