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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Watcher Guru is a leading source in finance, with a focus on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, DeFi, and more. Our goal is to build a trusted and influential media platform for a worldwide community involved in rebuilding the current financial state to a decentralized system. As the blockchain continues to grow, Watcher Guru is building a team of dedicated reporters and media professionals to deliver high-quality content.

Unlike other news sources, we focus on speed as a main priority. Watcher Guru is known for its speed when it comes to news, thus we publish headline-like alert reports first, as our editorial team works on an article to provide context to those who need it. Writing an article can take time, and time effects the market, so we choose to report our intel prior to our articles being ready for publishing.

Besides being a news source, we are also an online software company that builds financial tools to assist users when making decisions. Although we do not provide any financial advice, our tools are meant to help users understand the current environment in finance.

Watcher Guru can be found on virtually any social media platform, as our goal is to provide ease-of-access to users without anything in between. We can be found primarily on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord

You can contact us using our easily accessible contact form here: Contact Us