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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The long-awaited Ethereum merge event will occur once the Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) of 58,750,000,000T is hit. This total difficulty updates with every block mined, and can be tracked using the graph and block tracker on this page.

Based on current estimates, The Merge will take place on [loading] at [loading], around block number [loading].

Note that these estimates are constantly changing and automatically update on each block. The closer we get to The Merge, the more accurate these predictions will be.

This tools lets you track the ETH Merge live in real-time as the Ethereum Network's final long-awaited proof-of-stake upgrade merges. Includes a block tracker, graph, and countdown.

This page updates the predictions automatically without refreshing, on every block change. Unlike most countdowns, it is not a hard-coded date or manually. Its an accurate mathematical prediction based on the average difficulty and time between blocks, over x amount of blocks. The graph also shows proves this. The the green line represents the blocks that were already mined, and the blue line showing the predicted blocks with the total difficulty and estimated time it is mined.