1,314 Bitcoin Rigs Seized in Indonesia’s Battle Against Electricity Theft

Sahana Kiran
Source – Watcher Guru

During the Christmas weekend, Indonesian authorities conducted raids at ten locations. These were suspected of illegal Bitcoin mining operations fueled by stolen electricity from the national grid. While Indonesia is becoming increasingly involved in the cryptocurrency realm, it has not been traditionally recognized as a major mining hub. The crackdown poses a new challenge for authorities, given that electricity theft is deemed a criminal offense in Indonesia. It carries penalties of up to five years in prison or a fine double the value of the unpaid electricity.

Electricity Theft in Indonesia’s Crypto Scene

While Indonesia has rapidly embraced cryptocurrency adoption in recent years, mining activities have not been a focal point until the recent crackdown. The surge in cryptocurrency prices may be drawing more individuals into mining operations, elevating the risk of electricity theft.

Similar issues have been faced by Malaysia, Indonesia’s neighboring country. Here, authorities have been making arrests related to electricity theft by cryptocurrency miners. However, the recent raids in Medan, North Sumatra, represent one of the initial reported cases of such activities within Indonesia.

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Details of the Raids

During the raids in Medan, authorities uncovered 1,314 Bitcoin mining rigs. This further led to the detention of 26 individuals suspected of involvement in illicit operations. The suspects allegedly stole electricity by tapping into utility poles owned by the state-owned electricity company, PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara), over the past six months. This unauthorized usage resulted in losses of approximately 14.4 billion Indonesian rupees ($100,000) for the state.

While this monetary value might seem relatively small, it translates to about 10 million kilowatt-hours at recent local energy prices, equivalent to the yearly energy consumption of approximately 7,500 individuals in the country. The raids shed light on the potential scale of such illicit operations and their impact on the national grid.

Response from Authorities and PLN

In response to the discovery related to cryptocurrency, an official from PLN affirmed that the company would collaborate with authorities to address similar cases in the future. The crackdown underscores the significance of preventing electricity theft to maintain the stability and integrity of the national power grid.

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The recent crackdown on Bitcoin miners stealing electricity in Indonesia underscores the evolving challenges faced by authorities as the country navigates the growing cryptocurrency landscape. The raids serve as a reminder that legal and regulatory frameworks must keep pace with the industry. This is to ensure responsible and lawful engagement in cryptocurrency-related activities. As Indonesia continues to emerge as a crypto-friendly nation, balancing innovation with regulatory measures becomes crucial for sustaining a healthy and secure digital economy.