A Beginner’s Guide to Art Blocks Curated NFTs


Many investors look up to the growth potential of art pieces with their merging into the crypto-space in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It’s now easy to purchase different digital art pieces using cryptocurrency.

Although there’s a wide variety of artsy NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain, certain collections are popular and trend on profile websites. One such collection is Art Blocks Curated NFTs, a creator and curator shared platform.

What is Art Blocks? 

Art Blocks is a platform that focuses on the curation of generative artworks stored on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. Generative art uses p5.js, a JavaScript library that allows creative coding. When minting a new artwork, a unique “seed” is generated with this script, making each artwork unique.

Types of Art Blocks Projects

Art block

There are currently three unique projects featured:

1. Curated

This project features top curated sets specifically hand-picked by the Art Blocks team. The verification process for a piece of art on this project is rigorous and may take two years. Each curated set here represents the unique side of the Art Blocks vision. The Art Blocks team releases a new collection of generative art every quarter. 

2. Playground

Playground is a collection for artists that already have a curated drop on the platform. It allows artists to explore their imagination. Unlike the Curated collection, there is no thorough vetting of art items here, but the high quality of art remains. The basic rule of this collection is that artists can only release one project at a time. Artists also have to wait for at least a month in between two projects.

3. Factory

There’s a long wait time of two years for curated projects before their release. This is due to the overwhelming number of applications received. Therefore, Art Blocks started this project to allow newer creators to take part in curated drops. The team behind it still selects and verifies the originality of each artwork before releasing them on a schedule. 

How to Get an Art Block Curated NFT

There are two ways to get an Art Block Curated NFT:

1. Initial Mint

It’s possible to mint from the Art Blocks website directly. However, this means that you’ll have to engage in a gas way and pay high gas fees or let the transaction go. Since all previous curated collections sold out, the next best way is to buy from a secondary market.

2. Buying from a Secondary Market

You can also purchase an Art Block Curated NFT from a secondary marketplace like OpenSea. You’ll require a wallet like MetaMask to transact on the secondary market. The wallet will also need to have enough ETH and Ethereum gas fees.

Linking your wallet to OpenSea will allow you to purchase the curated art piece you want. You can find the exact Art Blocks Curated NFT by filtering the results. Also, ensure that you select a collection with a verified “check mark” to avoid being scammed.

Getting Started

With this, you can now distinguish between the different Art Blocks projects. You can also mint and buy a curated NFT from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. There’s no doubt that these NFTs are on an upward trend.