Adidas physical products to go live on April 28

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

The NFT space has witnessed the arrival of several mainstream firms from various industries. Food, fashion, airlines, and even sports platforms have veered into the metaverse. Adidas was one of the first platforms to ride the NFT wave. Now, further trying to elevate its presence in the space, the firm wanted to bring physical products into its metaverse.

Chinese crypto-journalist Colin Wu pointed out that Adidas Originals would be rolling out physical products for Into the Metaverse. This NFT collection was formulated in collaboration with several platforms like Bored Ape Yacht Club. PUNKS Comic as well as gmoney. Previously, Adidas affirmed that holders would be given a total of four exclusive physical products throughout the year.

However, this would be done a little differently. There would be a total of four different phases. Once the holder garners access to the first product, the second-stage NFT would follow suit. But, once the second one is acquired the original one would be destroyed.

If the NFT holder fails to claim this during the redemption period, they will not be able to do it later. Elaborating on the same, the firm said,

“For example, as a Phase 1 token holder, you miss the first product claim. You retain your Phase 1 token which remains valid for all future product claims. Upon claiming in the second product redemption period, you would burn your Phase 1 token and receive the second physical product, plus a Phase 3 token.”

Additionally, the four physical products by Adidas include the iconic adicolor Firebird tracksuit (track top and track pants, as seen on Indigo Herz and Courtney), a graphic hoodie (as featured in PUNKS Comic #2), and gmoney’s classic orange beanie.

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This massive shift from the physical world to the digital world has caught the eye of many. Soon the physical world is likely to be overpowered by the digital one. While some are still dubious about its importance in the future, the interest of mainstream platforms like Adidas solidifies this conjecture.

The onset of major fashion giants has opened doors to speculations of how physical stores would be shut in the near future.