Algo Surges 50% After Announcing Partnership With Lofty AI.


Algo records a profit margin of 50% today. The rise in the monetary value comes just after the Altcoin company declared a partnership with Lofty AI.

50% Rise: Algo and Lofty AI’s Alliance

On 18th November 2021, Lofty AI received a Grant Award from the Algorand foundation. In turn, Algo users get a chance to own real estate with savings from as low as $50. Additionally, the buyers complete the entire transaction in under five minutes duration.

This merger has raised a Crypto uproar due to the numerous benefits it holds. A roar so loud thus earning Algorand a 50% value rise.

Benefits That Lofty AI Is Bringing to Algo Users

As stated earlier, the merger aims at offering land ownership at meagre costs. Although this is the main reason for the collaboration, there are still other wins for users. Let’s get right into it;

The token-enabled real estate is safe. The Lofty AI team must vet all real estate brought into the market area. Lofty AI has an algorithm used to check the quality of the lands before submitting to the public market. Additionally, Lofty sends a crew to the site to determine the physical logistics before approving the grounds for sale.

Why Grant Lofty AI?

In 2019 Lofty launched a platform to offer Crypto investors to store savings to acquire land. The company initiates the Algorand Blockchain Network to support these savings. The traders save tokens as their form of asset holding.

Here, the investors have 100% liquidity rights. That is, if you wish otherwise, you can decide to sell your existing tokens, and you won’t receive any fee. 

Once you start saving, you will start receiving rental income. In that accord, Lofti AI ensures that your tokens gain a value appreciation to keep up with the changing value rates of the property.

Background Into Lofty AI

The AI firm was initially excited as a chain providing following the Y-combinator. Lofty AI thrives on creating duplication of Crypto trading to the real estate sector. Therefore,Crypto investors would only use the general skills they apply in sending, saving and receiving Cryptos into the tokenized system.

The Firm has since raised close to $5 Million. Aboard is a list of real estate experts, developers of blockchain and professionals of data analysis and management. 

The Renting Proposition

Lofti plans to enable an option that offers tokens toCrypto users who are renting. The tokens you acquire are substantial to the place you are renting. Thus, you obtain ownership of your rented space partly.

The merger with Algorand is helpful to attaining this vision. According to Lofty, they plan to strategize with Algo on the techniques for availing the rental dream. The grant will also propel their token acquisition, which lofty plans to develop an internal secondary market space.

Top Choice for the People

All that said and done, we can conclude with an observation. Lofty did an excellent assignment. Lofty’s project has attracted many buyers and investors. That is why Algo is recording a 50% surge in value.