All you need to know about Ukraine’s $60k Crypto offer to Russian troops

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Financial Times

In the battle between people in power, civilians are often the most brutally affected. The military move on Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin has put the world on edge. With the tensions far from cooling down, over 350 civilians have already been killed so far in Ukraine and over 15,000 of them have fled to neighboring countries like Moldova and Poland.

Ukraine’s great grand crypto offer

Amidst all this, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the global IT community have made an offer to Russian soldiers. As per Masha Efrosinina, a TV host and the ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, Russian soldiers surrendering to Ukraine will receive 5 million rubles [$60,000] worth crypto or cash.

Her recent Instagram post’s caption noted,

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the global IT community offer the Russian military to surrender, get an amnesty, and earn money. IT people from all over the world have collected millions of dollars and will continue to collect to pay the Russian military 5 million rubles in cryptocurrency to an account or in cash.

It added,

As soon as soldiers with military equipment surrender, they receive money. Amnesty – after the trial. But the main thing is that they can give up right now and get money right now.

In fact, a set of terms and conditions to have been laid down along with the steps needed to be followed to ensure clarity.

Algorithm of actions for the Russian military || Source: Instagram
Algorithm of actions for the Ukrainian side || Source: Instagram

Too good to be true?

With the state of affairs getting worse with every passing day, Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, has pleaded for help from the world. In fact, as per the ambassador, a particular Russian troop unit that surrendered on 24 February was unaware of the fact that they were being sent to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians.

Now, if such is the case, and soldiers from other platoons too end up surrendering, then they’d be eligible to claim the incentive offered by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence and the global IT community.

Cryptocurrency donations, on the other hand, have also been pouring in to support the beleaguered nation.