Amazon Prime Day Sets Record Sales With Over 100,000 Items Sold per Minute

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Amazon Prime Day Sets Record Sales With Over 100,000 Items Sold per Minute
Source: Rolling Stone

Amazon recorded the highest sales during Prime Day this year, with over 100,000 items sold per minute. The prime day that spanned over two days was the biggest prime day ever to date, with the highest purchases ever recorded.

As per the data from Amazon, global users purchased over 300 million items over the span of two days. According to the data from Forbes, Amazon bagged over $6 billion in sales in just 24 hours. The best-selling categories of products were consumer and home electronics and Amazon devices.

Amazon sales indicated that users were least worried about inflation

The sales figures indicate that the users in the US were least bothered about the rising levels of inflation as the sales were at an all-time high. On Tuesday, sales increased by 7.8% when compared to the same day last year. Amazon only made $5.1 billion in sales during the previous Thanksgiving, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index Fund.

The Prime Day, which lasted for 48 hours, witnessed an average sale of $53.58 per customer during the first 36 hours. Some of the top-selling items were Echo Dot 4th Gen, Blink video doorbells, Amazon gift cards, and Fire TV Sticks.

“Consumers on Prime Day “took advantage” of discounts after months of “heightened prices online,” said vice president of Growth Marketing, Patrick Brown.

In comparison to the global Amazon sales, 60% of the sales came from US customers. The overall sales were recorded to be over $12.52 billion in the span of two days. Inflation, which hit the highest ever in 40 years, seems to have not at all affected the sales as users tried to grab the prime day offers and avail of the discounts.

Prime Day was considered an opportunity by 33% of consumers as they could purchase the products that they’ve been wanting at a comparatively low price.