Andre Cronje rejoins Fantom as “Vice President of Memes”

Lavina Daryanani
Source: The Crypto Times

In what is the latest development, a prominent cryptocurrency project, the Fantom Foundation, has a new “Vice President of Memes”. And no, the project is not a meme project, and neither is the person Elon Musk, the self-proclaimed “Chief Twit”, this time around.

Welcome back to Fantom, Andre Cronje!

Andre Cronje took to LinkedIn to announce on Thursday that he was “happy” to start a new position as “Vice President of Memes” at the Fantom Foundation. During his previous three year and eight month stint at the company, he served in the position of a Technical Advisor and Chair of the Technology Council.

Source: LinkedIn

Apart from his Fantom positions, Cronje founded DeFi project Yearn Finance. Per his LinkedIn bio, he also served as a Freelance DeFi Architect for Ethereum from January 2020 – February 2022.

Cronje has left and rejoined the blockchain space a host of times in the recent past. In March 2020, he quit the industry, attributing it to the toxic community, but he eventually returned. A similar episode replayed in August of that year. His latest departure was, however, noted in March this year when he reannounced that he was leaving crypto and DeFi.

At that time, he stated that the Fantom team had been “honorable” throughout their engagement with him. He also added that they were on the “right” technological path, and he had “no doubts” that they would continue to succeed.

WatcherGuru reached out to Cronje to get specifics about what his latest role at Fantom entails but had not received a reply at press time.

People from the community were elated to have Cronje back. Most comments under his announcement post reflected that sentiment.

Source: LinkedIn

In fact, the native FTM token also reacted to the news. The #66th ranked cryptocurrency asset was priced at $0.2634 at press time, after appreciating by 17% on the daily. That made the token the second largest gainer on Thursday.