ApeFest Attendees Report Serious Eye Issues; Yuga Labs Respond

Vignesh Karunanidhi
ApeFest Attendees Report Serious Eye Issues; Yuga Labs Respond
Source: NFT News Pro

Numerous participants at Yuga Labs’ ApeFest event on November 4th in Hong Kong have stated that they encountered eye-related issues, such as burns, impaired vision, and significant discomfort.

In response, Yuga Labs stated on X that they are looking into the cause behind the eye issues affecting a subset of attendees at the Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed ApeFest.

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Yuga Labs estimates less than 1% of attendees were impacted

Yuga estimated that less than 1% of attendees and staff were impacted based on current information. They encouraged anyone still experiencing symptoms to seek medical attention.

Some critics blasted the company for the situation, with one loyal BAYC owner claiming they took out loans to attend and now face significant medical bills for their eye.

Photos circulated on social media showed injured eyes after the event. While the exact cause remains unclear, hypotheses include issues with stage lighting or visual effects.

For an event centered around a major NFT collection like Bored Ape Yacht Club, an outbreak of eye-related injuries raises obvious concerns. Yuga Labs faces pressure to determine the reason and whether adequate safety precautions are in place.

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The reports cast a pall over the extravagant celebration meant to bring the top NFT communities together. Yuga will need to address how things went wrong to rebuild trust around its marquee brand and events.