Arkansas Passes ‘Right to Mine’ Bitcoin Bill Through House and Senate

Joshua Ramos
Source: Wikipedia

The state of Arkansas has passed the ‘Right to Mine’ Bitcoin bill through the House and Senate. Now, it is set to be signed by the state’s governor to protect the rights of crypto miners within Arkansas.

The passing of the legislation was shared by the Satoshi Action Fund, which where integral in the devising of the bill. Moreover, Arkansas’s decision follows similar action taken by Missouri earlier this month, as they passed the same ‘Right to Mine’ bill with a unanimous 12-0 vote.

Right to Mine Crypto Bill Passes in Arkansas

Amidst the evolving digital asset industry, the subject of crypto mining has induced some rigorous debate. Yet, as both sides of the aisle have engaged in the discourses surrounding the practice, the Satoshi Action Fund has worked for crypto miners, in protecting their necessary work.

Now, those efforts have been rewarded once again, as Arkansas has passed the Right to Mine Bitcoin bill through both the House and Senate. Subsequently, the legislation is now set to be signed by the state’s Governor.

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The piece of legislation is designed to protect Bitcoin and crypto miners in regard to their specific business. Moreover, Arkansas has followed similar action to specifically protect mining practices from discriminatory rates imposed by electric companies for energy usage.

Additionally, Montana signed comparable Bitcoin mining protection in February of this year. Similarly, Texas has enacted legislation that will protect Bitcoin holders, miners, and developers this March.

Specifically, the bill states its intention to “clarify the regulation of the digital asset and mining business. Moreover, amidst the lack of regulatory clarity in the US, this kind of legislative action is undoubtedly a welcomed development