Ask the Doctor Disgracefully Attacks Shiba Inu and its Founders, Threatens to Unmask their Identities in Courts

Vinod Dsouza
Ask the Doctor calls Shiba Inu a scam
The once friendly Ask the Doctor has turned its back against Shiba Inu.

Ask the Doctor turned against Shiba Inu by calling it a “scam”. The healthcare firm revealed they would sue Shytoshi Kusama and SHIB for libel and fraud. Ask the Doctor also got on with a war of words with Shytoshi Kusama and the Shiba Army. The Canadian healthcare firm repeatedly shared news articles and videos that shows ‘why SHIB is a scam’.

The healthcare firm also threatened to unmask the identity of the Shiba Inu founder by dragging him to the courts. They also hinted that SHIB would soon be “rug pulled“. The firm stated that Shytoshi Kusama and Ryoshi are hiding their identity because their are “scammers”.

Shiba Inu’s Shytoshi Kusama Fires Back At Ask the Doctor

Shytoshi Kusama called Ask the Doctor a “scam account” and questioned “where are all your doctor tweets” from 2009? That is when Ask the Doctor tweeted that they’re “commencing a lawsuit against Shytoshi Kusama and SHIB for libel.” They threatened to find out his “true identity in the courts.”

If this wasn’t enough, Ask the Doctor also stated that they would use their “contacts” at “major exchanges” to inform about SHIB.

Shytoshi also questioned the legitimacy of Ask the Doctor’s Twitter ‘verified account’. He suggested that they might have purchased the verification from third party apps to fool people. “Tell your legal team that it is illegal to buy a verified account to use it to scam other people. Tell them it is illegal to take people’s money for a service you never provide.”

SHIB’s Shytoshi also stated that he doesn’t fear being unmasked and challenged Ask the Doctor to “come get me”. He tweeted, “And if you REALLY want to come and get me. COME GET ME. It’s almost time anyway. I’m ready.”

How Did Ask the Doctor and Shiba Inu Turn Enemies?

It all started when Ask the Doctor tweeted they “will be giving away a Tesla for 1 year”. The steps to win it is to “Sell your SHIB and use the funds to purchase Floki. Any dollar amount.”

The Canadian healthcare firm was asked investors to sell their SHIB holdings for another token. In conclusion, that is when Shytoshi Kusama and the SHIB army shot back at Ask the Doctor. The entire ordeal is seen through a series of tweets one after the other.