DogeBonk is the First Meme-token to Reach Space Before Dogecoin, #SorryElon Trends on Twitter

Vinod Dsouza
DogeBonk reaches space faster than Dogecoin
DogeBonk reaches space faster than Dogecoin, virtually. (Pic credit Twitter – DoboSupporter @JhihiR)

The cryptocurrency market is full of fun and humor as meme-tokens have changed the way on how things operate. The money making machines are no longer the traditional ‘men in suits’ but are being replaced by cats and dogs. One such newly launched dog-themed token trying to steal Dogecoin’s thunder is DogeBonk.

DogeBonk is now the “first meme-coin in space” and is successful in communicating the message to investors. Elon Musk had promised to make Dogecoin the first crypto in space but DogeBonk has already accomplished the mission.

Their official Twitter handle shows Dogebonk being launched to space and it floats at the edge of space for hours.

At the launch of the meme-token on December 15, DogeBonk sent the token’s logo to space atop of a rocket. They tweeted, “Sorry Elon, but we beat Dogecoin as the first memecoin in space. Watch us prove it tomorrow on our stream.”

However, DogeBonk community members quickly spread the news like wildfire on social media with the hashtag #SorryElon. Users joined the space bandwagon tweeting, “Sorry Elon, looks like the BonkSquad has beat you. DogeBonk is the first crypto in space.”

This is indeed a great achievement and DogeBonk managed to do the impossible in a short span of time. The developers of DogeBonk used a unique way to promote their token as taking on Dogecoin is simply impossible. Nonetheless, they seem to have successfully managed to gain traction and are racing ahead in the ‘war of memes‘.

The meme-token market is now a cut-throat competition and all of them are eyeing for the top spot. From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu and Floki among others, every token is doing their best to grab the attention of investors.

What Does the Future Hold For DogeBonk?

Early investors can make some quick money in DogeBonk and ride the waves of its refreshing marketing campaign. The more eyeballs DogeBonk grabs the more investment it could see coming in from investors. Therefore, a steady rise in price is expected in the coming days and weeks.

Many influencers have started talking about DogeBonk and it could soon be a well known name. The developers initially planned to place posters across various cities but didn’t go through the plan as Floki’s adverts attracted complaints.

“We were planning to have a much brighter meme-like carriage advert on the underground. But after Floki’s adverts gained so many complaints, approval became impossible,” a developer said to

At the time of publishing, DogeBonk (DOBO) was trading at $0.000000099341 and is up +11.8% in the 24-hours day trade.