Atozy Says His Lawsuit from Bitboy “Is Not Over”

Prominent Crypto Figure Cobie Comes to Atozy’s Rescue Against Bitboy Lawsuit
Source: Marylandcrabbowl

Benjamin “Bitboy” Armstrong has yet to drop his lawsuit against YouTuber Erling “Atozy” Mengshoel, with Atozy saying that the lawsuit “is not over.” Bitboy previously claimed that he would drop the lawsuit on Aug. 25, however, he filed a “return of service instead.

Armstrong filed the defamation lawsuit against Atozy after the Youtuber posted a video on Nov. 8 titled “This YouTuber Scams His Fans … Bitboy Crypto.” He claims that he did not know that the lawsuit would go public the way it has, and declared that he would drop it. However, Atozy has revealed that he and his lawyer received the return of service, with a response due by Sep. 12.

Atozy has also received $200,000 in donations to fund his defense, including $100,000 from Crypto Trader Cobie. Since the news of the “return of service,” Atozy has promised to refund the donations, however, Cobie insists on helping, pledging another $100,000 to help Atozy’s defense.

Jake Chervinsky, a lawyer and head of policy at Blockchain Association, has also commented on the recent return of service. He says that it is possible Bitboy was lying about the lawsuit dropping.

“It sometimes takes the court a few days to post filings on the public docket, so it’s possible the return was filed on 8/22 and just not posted until 8/25,” Chervinsky says in a tweet. “But it also takes like five minutes for a plaintiff to file a notice of dismissal, which appears not to be done yet.”

Lastly, Armstrong posted a video on Aug. 25 apologizing to Atozy for the lawsuit, saying that he only wants the initial video to be taken down or edited, as well as an apology.

Misunderstandings in the Lawsuit Dropping

According to the two YouTubers, they are trying to close the lawsuit, citing misunderstandings on Armstrong’s side. As more news comes regarding the lawsuit dropping, we will update you.