Australian Baseball Club Perth Heat to Pay Athletes in Bitcoin

Perth Heat Baseball Club

Perth Heat an Australian professional baseball league club is now going to pay its players and staff in bitcoin. The Australian team is also allegedly accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its products, sponsorships, and ballpark concessions.

Perth Heat will allow the bitcoin option on the 19th of November after a pact agreement with the OpenNode crypto company. However, the BTC payments are not compulsory.

Every player and staff has the will to choose how they want to receive their salary. This also means that bringing together crypto payments and cash payments is possible. According to CEO Steven Nelkovski, crypto is the first time sports teams are accepting an all-in on crypto, especially bitcoin.

In addition, Steven says that all the players and staff are already embracing the opportunities that current bitcoin as a mode of payment. Therefore this will be an easy transition into the crypto payment option.

Perth Heat baseball club is also creating a new position of Chief Bitcoin Officer (CBO) which Patrick O’Sullivan will occupy. Moreover, Patrick sees BTC as the future of payments and predicts that treasuries will live on the BTC blockchain. During the team announcement Perth Heat Chief Bitcoin Officer Patrick O’Sullivan noted that;

“The Perth Heat are committed to operating according to a Bitcoin Standard, and in doing so are shifting the corporate treasury from dollars to Bitcoin,”

Pearl is the best baseball club in Australia, having won 15 titles since 1980. It is also a member of the ABL and has won the ABL championships four times.

The Vast Crypto Adoption In The Sports Industry

The deed by heat to pay players in BTC is, however, not a new thing. Recently NBA giant club, the Sacramento Kings, also allowed its employees to accept the salaries in BTC. Kings are also among the first teams to initiate this kind of payment option for their tickets.

NBA also recently got a sponsorship with coinbase, meaning that its fans will also be betting soon on the teams with crypto. Another basket club -Dallas, is also indicating the same crypto payment approach.

Earlier this year, the team had announced that it would be accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) as part of its payment methods to its players and employees, as well as products. Before the announcement, Dallas was already supporting payments in crypto assets, including BTC and ETH.

Again the NFL is presenting bitcoin bulls with Rodgers revealing himself as one earlier this year. Also, he mentions that he desires to change his earnings into Bitcoin.

Furthermore, recently Tom Brady was seen giving a fan 1 BTC. According to Brady, he loves to receive his salary in BTC, some in ETH, and some in Solana tokens.

Again earlier this year, Yield Guild Games worked together with HaloDao, very stable protocol crypto. The collaboration allows fans without money to participate in every game they offer and earn some cash.

The Future of Sports and Crypto

it looks like every other sector is aligning itself to bitcoin and crypto in general.  The Gaming industry is all in, and many are earning massively. The Sports industry is just beginning with some teams creating their coin that they can be paid with. Sports products are also attracting a lot of profit.