Avril Lavigne, Ian Somerhalder, and More are Entering Tlabs’ MetaCity

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: MetaCity

Tlabs, an NFT incubator company is launching its own metaverse project called MetaCity. MetaCity is the first global platform focusing on celebrities and their fans.

MetaCity has accumulated over 150 million celebrity fans since the beginning of its operation. It is collaborating with notable names across a wide range of industries, from music to television and to fashion. The contracted celebrities’ popularity will guarantee the project’s traffic, which supports the growth of a larger community.

Avril Lavigne, the pop-punk artist who filled the 1990s-2000s teenage days. Her songs, beats, and vibrant energy were contagious. She is an irreplaceable piece from all of our memories. Imagine being in a universe where you live next door to her, voice chat with her, or join her in a live concert! On MetaCity, you can!

And it isn’t just Avril Lavigne, you can be neighbors with the extremely irresistible actor, Ian Somerhalder, hearing all the inside stories, the fashion influencer Olivia Palermo, learning tips for style and makeup, and the hip-hop guru Russel Simmons sharing his latest work, and more!

Anyone can start their MetaCity journey by purchasing a Mystery Box, which contains one editable NFT “Land” on the platform. The “Land” allocation is completely random and will reveal its coordinates when it is opened. Each “Land” will be located within specially theme areas under one real-life celebrity. If a Landowner wishes to relocate, they may trade their Land with others within MetaCity’s MarketPlace.

Within Tlab’s MetaCity, users are not merely consumers; instead, they form one of the nodes of an intricate global SocialFi ecosystem where they earn MEO tokens as they explore and play. MEO tokens are the default currency for MetaCity. Social mining, trading market, or simply staking can result in earning MEO.

For example, MetaCity users can join Avril Lavigne’s live concert, drop by Ian Somerhalder’s text, audio, and soon VR AMA to mine social tokens; or trade exclusive items collected from celebrity lands for MEO.

Tlab’s MetaCity aims to build a diverse community that maximizes users’ SocialFi experience, connecting fans to their favorite celebrities and more. And it isn’t just social, play, and earning with real-life celebrities. Tlabs’s metaverse will reveal well-known IPs, iconic characters, and more in the next stage of development.

MetaCity invites you to knick off the journey with your Mystery Box at the beginning of July.

To mint your Mystery Box and learn more about MetaCity, visit the official link.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.