Axie Infinity Sync: All You Need to Know

Axie Infinity Sync

Suppose you’ve purchased three Axies in your account. Still, you’re unable to see all of them when you first log in. According to the developers, this is referred to as a synchronization issue.

Note that sync issues may simply be a visibility error caused by internal server faults. As such, it is advisable not to panic. Because furthermore, these issues, according to users, tend to fix themselves frequently.

Regardless of the fact, however, we understand that you want to solve the problem quickly. All you have to do is follow the following simple instructions. 

How to Fix Axie Infinity Sync Issue

1. Set-Up and Install Sky Mavis

Visit the official website, then click the “Play Now” option. After that, choose your operating system (Mac OS, Android, or iOS platform). You will get a prompt to download and extract its file set up. From here, install the “Mavis setup” program.

2. Create Ronin Wallet & Buy WETH

Following the most recent update at the time of writing, you can now buy WETH directly from the Ronin wallet. This is great since you will avoid the high gas fees you usually would by swapping ETH to WETH on MetaMask.

To do this, first set up your Ronin wallet by following the instructions on the Sky Mavis website under ‘wallet.’ After this, click on ‘Purchase” and wait for a dialog box to appear.

The dialog box will prompt you to input some values. Simply search for USD on the ‘from’ column and WETH on the ‘to’ column. Then proceed to input the amount of USD you want to use to purchase the WETH. 

From here, you shall proceed to key in your card details then press ‘Buy Now.’ Note that you will receive further prompts like ‘enter email address and more card details to verify your transaction. 

Once you’ve verified your data, you shall receive WETH in your Ronin Wallet in a few moments.

3. Buy Axies

Now that your funds are ready, you are one step closer to playing Axie Infinity. All you need are at least three axies to form a team. Head on over to Axie Infinity marketplace and use the parameters to filter specific aspects of the axies. 

Ensure that you have done enough research on exactly what features you want your axie to possess. After selecting the different criteria, you can now choose an Axie from the central part of the screen. Once chosen, proceed to buy it.

You will then receive a confirmation pop-up. And your transaction will appear on the Activity tab on the left-hand side of the Axie Infinity marketplace. Repeat the same procedure to purchase more Axies.

4. Open Axie Infinity

Once you complete buying your Axies, it’s time to see them on the gaming interface. Go ahead and click on the Axies icon on the homepage. You will find it in the lower-left corner.

5. Sync Axies

A window will pop up where your axies should appear. Click on the ‘Sync Axies’ icon on the page, then give it a few moments to load. And voila! 

6. Return to the Game & Play

After all is done and dusted, return to the home screen and select a team of axies. And finally, proceed to play the game.

Boom! Axie Infinity Sync problem is fixed.