Baby Doge Coin Announces Debit Card Program


Baby Doge made a major announcement  today. Similar to other altcoins like Safemoon, Baby Doge announced that they would soon launch new products. Other than apps, Baby Doge Coins products include; the Baby Doge wallet, Exchange, and so much more. 

What is Baby Doge Coin? 

Launched in June 2021, Baby Doge is a variant cryptocurrency token of the parent Dogecoin. So basically, DogeCoin is the father to hyper-deflationary Baby Doge, who does everything to impress him.  

Baby Dogecoin plans to use its father’s success to its advantage and, in addition, show off improved features like transaction speed and integrated smart staking built-in system. These cute coins live on the Binance smart chain blockchain.  

For every transaction, whether buying or selling, a rate of 10% gets taken. Half of this fee gets redistributed to holders, with the big investors receiving enormous portions. As a result, the wealthy ones on the pyramid get richer while the ones at the bottom get pennies. In general, holding on to your wallet pays you.  

The other half gets added to the liquidity pool resulting in reduced volatility and a continued increase in floor price. 

The coin is big on giving back to society, and they want the pawed animals of the natural world to share in the success. Baby Doge makes donations to dog shelters selected by the online community, ensuring the animals are also happy. Talk about cute. 

BabyDoge is not new to token burns, a.k.a coin burns. More than 20%of its supply gets burned, resulting in reduced supply and coin scarcity.  

Major Announcements 

Before they made their big announcements, the Baby Doge team wanted to make something clear. They clarified that they are not focused on individual partnerships because it would take much of their time.  

Instead, Baby Doge Coin wanted to give users more opportunities than just spending their Baby Doge coins. The project launched the Baby Doge Debit Card Program, Wallet, and App. 

The Baby Doge Debit Card Program, Wallet, and App Features will have the ability to: 

  • Buy Crypto  
  • Exchange Cryptocurrency for Fiat 
  • Send Crypto  
  • load Fiat balances with bank transfer  
  • Contain Referral codes 
  • Allow users to text baby doge, anyone, worldwide using phone numbers with certain restrictions applied 

The Exchange will be integrated into the wallet and will additionally launch with 0% fees. 

In addition to these products, Baby Doge will launch their branded virtual and physical cards and roll them out in some parts of the world, like the United Kingdom. Users of the card will spend digital assets, Baby Doge included, at over 40 million merchants.  

The holders will also conduct ATM withdrawals online and make payments through the card and their mobile phones. 


The hashtag #BabyDogeCoin is an excellent marketing strategy, and the new products might increase investments made on the platform. Stay tuned for more Baby Doge-related news.