BabyDoge flips Ethereum Again! Most traded coin amidst top 1000 BSC wallets

Vinod Dsouza
BabyDoge Coin flips Ethereum to be the top 1000 BSC whales favourite
Source: Pixabay

BabyDoge Coin is taking on the biggies of the crypto market heads on and flipping them to the second position. Even biggies such as Ethereum are now below BabyDoge in terms of being the ‘whales favorite‘ coins. BabyDoge is now the most traded token among the top 1000 BSC wallets and flipped ETH from the top position.

The meme-token spiked double digits yesterday despite the crypto market bleeding red in the indices. It was up +16.88% and is now hovering around the 6% mark. The token is up +87.1% since the last 14-trading days despite the crypto market crash. It’s been displaying extreme bullish sentiments lately and rewarded investors with good returns on their investments.

WhaleStats was the first to reveal that BabyDoge Coin flipped Ethereum in the top 1000 BSC rich list. “JUST IN: #BabyDoge @babydogecoin had flipped $ETH to be most traded token among the top 1000 BSC wallets. #BabyDoge price ups 16.88% in the past 24hrs with a current price of $0.0000000037. Will #BabyDoge follow in the footstep of #SHIB?,” they tweeted.

This isn’t the first time that BabyDoge flipped ETH in the race to the top spot. The meme-token took the sweet top spot multiple times in 2021 by beating ETH repeatedly. However, ETH has clawed back to the top spot and the two are indulging in a see-saw pattern for the top slots.

After the rise of dogecoin, meme-tokens have become the most sought-after asset amongst the whale community. They’ve been steadily adding up BabyDoge, SHIB, Floki Inu among others to their portfolio mostly during every dip. The development signals that meme-tokens are here to stay in the market for a long time to come. Whales have added enormous meme-tokens to their portfolio giving it the strength to sustain itself in the market.

BabyDoge Coin Vs Ethereum

Both Ethereum and BabyDoge Coin gave good returns in 2021 and touched their all-time highs the same year respectively. However, ETH slipped from the start of 2022 reaching new weekly lows, and is down -17.1% since the last 7-trading days.

On the other hand, BabyDoge is up +34.2% for the same period and is still attracting buying pressure. Nonetheless, both cryptos are unique in their own way and are among the most sought-after asset in the market.

At the time of publishing, BabyDoge Coin was trading at $0.000000003712 and is up +5.7% in the days’ trade. Ethereum is trading at $3,130 and is down -1.0%.