BabyDoge’s Binance Listing Request Ramps Up as Total Holders Reach New High

Sahana Kiran
Binance BabyDoge Coin Listing
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The new dog on the block was BabyDoge Coin and it was seen scoring big already. With an increase in popularity, price, and token holders, the community believes that it deserves a spot on an exchange as significant as Binance. What is Binance really waiting for?

Inspired by memes, an array of cryptocurrencies entered the market. Currently, the crypto-verse is home to numerous meme coins, however, a few of them stand out because of their community. The BabyDoge Army has time and again proved their loyalty towards the asset. Now, the community was seen urging Binance to list the meme coin as the number of token holders hit a new all-time high.

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Earlier today, BabyDoge managed to amass a total of 1,350,235 holders.

With the number of BabyDoge token holders soaring every other day, the meme coin wasn’t too far from hitting 2 million. Therefore, the community decided to bring this to Binance’s notice.

Binance has been running a “#BinanceCat vs #BinanceDog” competition on Twitter. Several people have been sharing pictures of their pets in light of the competition. Replying to one of the pictures, BabyDoge pointed out that it was the biggest dog on the Binance Smart Chain.

The network tweeted,

“Hey @Binance would be great if we had some support as we are the biggest dog on BSC ! 1.3 million+ holders

ETH has Shib
BSC has baby doge !”

As the popularity of the asset is on an upward trajectory, more and more exchanges were listing the meme coin. BabyDoge recently managed to score a listing on the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget.

BabyDoge among most viewed coins in North America

Looks like North America was curious about meme coins. According to CoinMarketCap [CMC], Dogelon Mars was the highest viewed coin on CMC in the North American region. With a total of 67k views, the coin topped this list.

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Source – Twitter

Along with other prominent cryptocurrencies, BabyDoge Coin was also part of the list. The meme coin had over 5k views on the platform.