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As the meme coin rage continues in the cryptocurrency community, more new tokens are being introduced. Amidst all the newcomers, BASE Party is the newest meme coin now available on the BASE Chain network. 

BASE Party aims to fuse the lighthearted appeal of meme coins with sound economic principles, a secure and equitable launch mechanism, and tangible utility. Inspired by PEPE the Frog, PARTY is powered by its passionate community, where every holder has a voice in shaping the future of the project.

Transparent Tokenomics

The economic model of the BASE Party Token (PARTY) is meticulously crafted to promote longevity, stability, and engagement. Its structure is predicated on incentivizing participation while instituting mechanisms to enhance the token’s value over time.

Smart Contract Audits

BASE Party’s smart contracts have undergone rigorous testing and audits by reputable third-party security firms to ensure they are free from vulnerabilities and exploits. These reviews included a discussion on the selection of audit firms, findings, and subsequent optimizations.

Liquidity Burn

Furthermore, BASE Party prevents rug pulls by burning a significant portion of the liquidity for a predetermined period, ensuring stability and security for token holders.

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No Pre-Sale or Team Allocation at Launch

Ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, there won’t be any pre-sale or special allocations to the team or insiders at launch. This fosters a more equitable and community-driven environment around BASE Party. Token holders will have a say in major decisions, from future development projects to community initiatives, ensuring the token remains driven by its users

How To Buy On BASE Chain

Currently, PARTY is available to purchase on Uniswap’s exchange. BASE Party stands at the confluence of meme culture and serious cryptocurrency investment, charting a course toward a future where digital assets are accessible, secure, and imbued with utility. As the project progresses, the commitment to transparency, community engagement, and continuous innovation remains steadfast.

Here’s how to buy BASE:

  1. Add Base Network to your Wallet
  2. Bridge ETH on
  3. Go to UniSwap
  4. Join the Party on Base Chain
  5. In the Add a network manually dialog that appears, enter the following information for Base mainnet:
Network NameBase Mainnet
DescriptionThe public mainnet for Base.
RPC Endpoint
Chain ID8453
Currency SybmolETH
Block Explorer

Joining the PARTY means more than acquiring a token; it signifies a leap into a movement poised to redefine the essence of meme coins in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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