ExpansionPunks to be first sanctioned NFT Collection by the MLB

Vinod Dsouza
ExpansionPunks NFT Brett Maverick Phillips MLB Shoes
Brett Maverick Phillips to wear ExpansionPunks NFT shoes at the MLB.

Professional baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays, Brett Maverick Phillips to be the first sportsman to wear NFT-themed shoes during the Major League Baseball (MLB). Maverick will sport Expansion Punks NFT-themed shoes and run around the field introducing NFT’s to the sporting community.

“The first NFT that will be running around a Major League Baseball field! Let’s go! @ExpansionPunks” tweeted Maverick.

Maverick also held a giveaway of NFT’s to fans that is worth close to $57,000. He tweeted, “Tonight I’ll give away one free @ExpansionPunks mint (potential for a Zombie #xPunk worth ~$57,000!) tonight! In order to qualify: – RT/Reply with #xPunks and tag 3 friends – Be in the space tonight – this part is important! LET’S GO!!

Even Keith Kinkaid, American professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers will also sport an NFT-themed helmet. Keith will wear an Expansion Punks NFT-themed helmet in the upcoming game during the National Hockey League (NHL). “Don’t forget this one. With a new NFT coming soon on my next helmet,” he tweeted.

2022 may see NFT’s reaching the mainstream market and not restrict themselves to the crypto community. NFT’s can take wing of their own as celebrities, musicians and sportsmen are promoting it both online and offline. In the world of sports, Basketball star Steph Curry was the first to wear an NFT-themed sneaker.

What is ExpansionPunks NFT?

ExpansionPunks has 10,000 unique NFT’s and most of them are already sold out and the rest are in high demand.

ExpansionPunks NFT’s are procedurally-generated collectible Punks. The collectibles are stored in the ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The artwork revolves around the storyline of the traditional tabletop gaming and introduces new characters regularly through its “expansion packs”.

They also expanded their artwork to Punkverse to be a more diverse in the NFT community.

”In many ways, our decentralized future is still in the starting blocks. Forthcoming innovations in personal identity management, the arts, and financial services (to name a few) will forever alter the arc of our society. The technologies and paradigms that will define this era are in large part still being discovered today. It’s certainly an exciting prospect for those already involved in this space,” a statement on their website read.