Bearish Bitcoin has got people Screaming, quite literally

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

A bearish regime was upon the crypto-verse. Bitcoin [BTC] and almost every other altcoin witnessed significant losses over the week. From once entailing a market cap of a trillion dollars, BTC slumped to a low $415.52 billion.

In addition to this, the price of Bitcoin dipped to a low of $20K, earlier this week. Mirroring the sentiment of the king coin, every other digital asset in the market was undergoing corrections. The crypto community had an array of reactions to this bearish takeover, most of it being angst. Adhering to the current state of the crypto market, a screaming therapy group was formed.

The crypto community has witnessed an array of bizarre instances and this might not even be the strangest thing that it has seen. Crypto traders who have been internally screaming throughout the bearish market finally garnered an opportunity to scream out loud. The “Bear Market Screaming Therapy Group,” allows distressed users to scream out loud on Telegram.

This crypto therapy group allows limits users to screaming voice notes only. Any other messages or links will prompt the admin to block the users from the group.

Users were reportedly getting creative with their screams as well. Studies have even shown that screaming quite often releases endorphins. This therapy has reportedly proved to be a temporary yet efficient way of relieving anger as well as frustration.

Recovery or a streak of loss for Bitcoin?

Days after drowning in the red, Bitcoin witnessed a sparkle of green in the market. At press time, BTC was up by 2.59 percent with its price at $21,826. While the community remains gloomy with a dominant bearish market, the latest price movement is providing minor relief.

However, addresses holding the king coin were enduring a major loss.