Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges

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With Crypto margin trading as a trader, you borrow funds to trade cryptocurrencies on an exchange. This borrowing of funds is known as margin trading.

Very few crypto exchanges offer an easy margin trading experience. Here are the 5 best crypto Margin trading exchanges currently available.

Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges

Very few crypto exchanges offer an easy margin trading experience. Here are the 5 best crypto Margin trading exchanges currently available.

1. BingX

BingX exchange is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. It is known for offering various trading services, including spot and derivatives trading in perpetual swaps and crypto options.

On BingX, you can trade in over 500 tokens, and the number of supported crypto coins is regularly increasing. Additionally, the exchange offers you a maximum leverage of up to 125x in derivative trading.

Apart from these trading options, you will also get access to other things, such as grid trading and copy trading features. On the flip side, withdrawal limits can vary, and the maker and taker fee varies from currency pair to currency pair.

2. Bybit

ByBit is a well-known crypto trading platform allowing you to trade in both spot and derivatives markets. According to CoinMarketCap, the exchange comes under the 10 best crypto platforms worldwide in terms of trading volume.

ByBit allows you to trade in the crypto margin, crypto futures, and options trading markets. It has a trading fee of 0.1000%, a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC, and there is no deposit fee.

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While the exchange is not yet usable in the US, ByBit offers you a pro trading interface and solid security, and it supports trading via MetaTrader 4. It even grants users the power of AI trading, copy trading, and trading bots, so you can use advanced trading strategies.

3. StormGain

Unlike other exchanges, StormGain is a unique crypto leverage platform as it combines CEX (Centralized cryptocurrency exchange) and DEX (Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange). Using the exchange, you can trade in various markets, such as Cryptocurrency futures, Crypto options, tokenized assets, Indices, and commodities.

Stormgain offers you up to 500x leverage for crypto trading, which is one of the highest in the industry. It also allows you to trade in 18 different trading pairs.

For those new to crypto and margin trading, Stormgain also offers great features for beginners. One of these is the crypto trading signals. Using these signals, you can make your trading decisions and plan your trades based on data from professional traders. It comes with built-in risk management tools to keep your losses in control as well.

4. Binance

Source: Binance

Last, but certainly not least, is arguably the biggest crypto exchange out there, Binance. It is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange for day trading in terms of 24-hour trading volume.

Trading is also supported in the derivatives markets, such as perpetual futures and crypto options. Binance offers you leverage ranging between 3x to 5x. The maximum leverage varies from trading pairs to trading pairs.

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Binance also has a unique feature called insurance funds. It protects your account when your equity is lower than 0, or the assets of the pledged currency borrowing orders are insolvent. With one of the lowest trading fees on the market, as well as over 600 currencies offered, Binance remains the top choice for traders worldwide, excluding the US.

There are concerns from users about over-regulation as of late for Binance. However, it is still the biggest and arguably best crypto margin trading exchange.