Best Wallets That Supports Monero


Cryptocurrency users have been on a crypto-buying spree, and it’s not surprising that privacy coins like Monero are at the top of their wish lists.

Despite Monero’s growth in popularity, some Wallets are not supporting this privacy-centric coin. This makes it difficult for users to find the best wallet for handling Monero.

Best Monero Wallets

Many wallets support Monero. However, in this article, we are focusing on the ones that we consider best. We base our criteria for ranking on the following factors—security of the wallet, community feedback, ongoing support, cost, and ease of use.

Here are our best picks:

Ledger Nano

One of the best bets for storing Monero is with a hardware wallet. One popular option on the market today? The Ledger Nano! This is also one of the first-ever hardware wallets to support XMR.

The Ledger devices are a great way to store your coins in multiple currencies. There’s the Nano S and X, which have different features, but both can hold Monero. However, Nano X is superior with the ability to support more coins. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth, and it has more app storage options.

Trezor Model T

The Trezor wallet is another popular hardware cryptocurrency storage device. Trezor offers two versions of this product, but only one supports Monero. The more expensive model T.

Model T is the only hardware wallet with a color touchscreen. This gives it a more seamless user experience. You also have support for many other coins as it’s a multicurrency wallet.

To use Trezor model T, you have to install the official Monero wallet first. Then, once installed on your PC, you can connect your Trezor wallet and start transacting.

Atomic Wallet (Desktop and Mobile Wallet)

Atomic wallets are the perfect choice for those who want a mobile and desktop-friendly cryptocurrency wallet. It has no accounts, verification requirements, or KYC procedures so that you can access all features without hassle. Additionally, no one can block your funds in this wallet. Thus, an excellent option for Monero users who want to keep their finances private.

The Atomic wallet has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to swap between 60+ different cryptocurrencies. It supports over 300 coins and 15 major PoS coins. So, it gives users a lot of options for storing their money safely.


MyMonero is a secure, hosted wallet that provides users with the ability to store their Moneros. The developer behind this project also created the Monero Ledger Integration.

Initially, MyMonero was developed as a browser-based wallet. Yet, they have developed an app for Windows, Mac & Linux as well. And like the official Monero GUI, it has an open code source and is available on GitHub.

Monero Ecosystem is Robust

The Monero ecosystem is robust, and it’s only getting stronger. As a result, more wallet providers are working on XMR integration.

Cryptocurrency security is essential. Ensure you get the right wallet for your needs, and always follow best practices to keep it safe.