Binance Charity will Build the First Decentralized Forest

Binance Charity

In a few days, Binance is set to launch an all-new charity initiative. The project seeks to plant 10 million trees across the universe to conserve them.

Improving Our World

The Binance Charity is building the world’s first decentralized forest. The charity focuses on using blockchain for social good. Also, it has set out to build consensus and raise awareness through this initiative.

This initiative seeks to plant 10 million trees worldwide to improve life on earth. Binance Charity tweeted about this:

“We’re building the world’s first # decentralized forest! Join us in the countdown to our most ambitious project yet, to plant 10m trees globally!”

The TreeMillions Alliance is a joint venture between Binance Charity and Binance NFTs. It aims to help raise funds for the effort. This will see them develop a tree-themed metaverse NFT for that purpose. The project will be launching on September 28th.

Who Can Join The TreeMillions Alliance?

Binance Charity has announced that they will be working with 100 blockchain influencers. Also, crypto companies create a united front in the fight against deforestation. TreeMillions Alliance has plans to recruit 100 members. Some will come from the crypto community to replenish the earth’s forests by March 2021. The program is already on, as 17 crypto gurus have committed themselves to this cause.

Binance, For The Greater Good

The future of blockchain technology is limitless. Initiatives such as TreeMillions that need fairness and transparency will find a ready tool to use in the BNB. Binance takes a tiny part of power as compared to the BTC network or ancient banking systems.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said, “Blockchain technology is a powerful tool. We’re determined to continue unlocking this potential.”

Binance, through the TreeMillions Alliance initiative, is also bringing together crypto enthusiasts and environmentalists. Investors are starting to see BNB as more than another currency. It’s an investment in sustainable development that goes beyond making profits.

More About Binance Charity

Binance, the world’s biggest DEX by volume and reputation, has a new charity initiative. The organization will provide an open-source platform. Thus, giving those who want to make crypto donations a chance to do so. 

The Charity also strives to provide transparency in every aspect of its work. Recently, the exchange donated funds for the children’s Lunch charity. Besides, there is Crypto Against Covid and Humanity First Project For Refugees.

They do this through strict identification procedures that include showing transaction ID numbers. Or other sources alongside donations from individuals who donate cryptocurrencies on their behalf. A collaborative effort between people all over the world!