Binance Smart Chain Bruno Upgrade V1.1.5


The cryptocurrency network Binance Smart Chain will undergo a BSC Bruno Upgrade v.1.1.5 on 30 November. The upgrade raises curiosity among BSC users as to what a Bruno upgrade is.

BSC is among the most active cryptocurrency networks, with more than 2million active users daily. The network processes an estimate of 14 million transactions within 24 hours. Reaching an ATH on 17 November, the incredible growth caused positives and also negatives to the network. Some of the significant challenges include full node synchronization.

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As a result, Binance has decided to introduce a hard fork release, a real-time mechanism that burns BNB tokens in the network supply of BSC. The mechanism aims to speed up to full node synchronization by 60%. The upgrade will also introduce the BEP-95 token that Binance previously mentioned.

Forks are used in the BSC blockchain network to introduce new software changes. There are two types, either soft or hard forks. Soft forks are used to tighten network rules, whereas hard ones are used for a complete upgrade in that old nodes have to accept the upgrade.

Processes That Will Occur During the Network Bruno Upgrade

These are some processes that will occur during the Bruno Upgrade v.1.1.5,

  • Logic changes at a block height of 13,082,000.
  • Launch of a series of new features to eliminate existing bugs.

BSC Bruno upgrade does not affect regular developers and users, and it only introduces a real-time burning mechanism. Burning BNB tokens affect everyone in the network. The effect will primarily be on validators (full node operators).

Note: If you are a full node operator, you should upgrade to v.1.1.5

Processes to Follow as a Validator Before the Bruno Upgrade

In preparation for the hard fork release validators can follow these steps in anticipation of the Bruno Upgrade.

  1. Sync your node with the network.
  2. Download and compile the latest version.
  3. Stop the geth process.
  4. Restart it with v1.1.5.

Note: If you are experiencing any issues in running the entire node, check out this bsc issues guide.

Also, join the node operator Telegram group to get more support and assistance.

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Consequences of Failing to Upgrade Your Node on Time

You will not be able to send or receive transactions if you fail to upgrade your software on time. This is because you will not sync with Binance’s upgraded Smart Chain validator/ peer nodes.

To recover, you can download and compile the latest version of the upgrade, v.1.1.5. Then stop the geth process and recover it with v.1.1.5.

Significant Upgrades in Bruno Upgrade V.1.1.5

The Bruno Upgrade comes with several upgrades which include:

  • A Real-Time Burning Mechanism BEP95.
  • Release of a Diff Sync Protocol as a stable feature, with a speed up node sync BEP-93.
  • Fixing and Improving on Bugs
  • Improved continuous integration flow on Integration Test, Build Tests, and Unit Tests; CI/CD.

Note: As a result of the upgrade, full node operators and validators must upgrade their software to v.1.1.5 by 30 November.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades in a busy network are normal. It only helps to improve the functionality of the network. Therefore, the BSC Bruno Upgrade V.1.1.5 is a step in the right direction. Reducing token supply will help increase network efficiency.