Binance x CR7 NFT Marketplace is out now

Sahana Kiran
Source – MARCA

The crypto-verse has witnessed a plethora of collaborations over the last couple of years. The sports industry in particular has a strong presence in the crypto market. However, due to the plummet in the market as well as several celebrity lawsuits, an array of them have steered away. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, was all set to veer into the industry with Binance in a recent collaboration.

Earlier this week, Binance announced that it had partnered with Ronaldo to launch a brand new NFT collection. Today, the collection that is expected to “immortalize Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible legacy” went live.

The CR7 NFT collection will reportedly entail a total of seven animated NFT statues. Each of these will exhibit an “iconic moment” from the football player’s career. In addition to this, about four rarity levels Super Super Rare [SSR], Super Rare [SR], Rare [R], and Normal [N] will be made available to the public.

The aforementioned rarity levels NFTs will be auctioned off from 9:00 [UTC] on November 18, 2022, to 9:00 [UTC] on November 19, 2022.

Here’s what the CR7 NFT Collection will entail

As mentioned earlier, the SSR level would have “The Unprecentded” which would include a virtual greeting from the football player. Along with this, “an autographed Cristiano Ronaldo physical statue, automatic whitelisting for all future CR7 collections, an autographed Binance shirt, a free CR7 Mystery Box from an upcoming CR7 collection, and automatic entry into all future contests to win exclusive Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance merchandise.”

The next one would be “The Undisputed [SR] or The Coronation [SR].” This would include the automatic whitelisting for all future CR7 collections, along with autographed Binance shirt. A free CR7 Mystery Box would also be made available.

The Coming of Age [R] or The Restoration [R] would include a complimentary CR7 Mystery Box from a forthcoming CR7 collection, as well as automatic access to all upcoming competitions to win unique Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance merchandise. The First Step [N] or The Breakout [N] below the normal rarity threshold automatically enters all upcoming contests for limited-edition Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance merchandise.

Furthermore, the launch of the Rare and Normal NFTs from this collection would abide by the Subscription Mechanism. This would include preparation, subscription, calculation as well as distribution phases.

Additionally, CR7 Mystery Boxes were also being made available for Binance’s users.