Bitcoin: Are Men or Women better BTC Investors? Research reveals details

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: The Cryptonomist

The large gender divide with regards to Bitcoin (BTC) acceptance has long been a topic of discussion and studies. However, new research published by Spiral brings into focus a change that could result in more equality in the space.

The researchers at Spiral started a global survey to see how women feel about bitcoin and how their views differ from that of men.

To conduct their research, Spiral spoke to 24 women who worked in the Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto field. The team also spoke to 17 women who had never used Bitcoin before. The poll was conducted in nine countries outside the US, namely Peru, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Philippines, Columbia, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

How do men and women view Bitcoin?

The studies found that both men and women view Bitcoin in the same light. Both genders have comparable, favorable opinions of bitcoin’s safety and feel that bitcoin was developed for people like them.

Source: Spiral

However, a point of divergence between the sexes seems to revolve around doing research. The study found that women preferred to do a lot more research than men before investing in Bitcoin. Spiral’s research also found that women are optimistic about Bitcoin’s future while being open to purchasing the cryptocurrency once they are confident they understand its workings.

Source: Spiral

Women are also more open to taking more financial risks. Although previous research has shown that women are more risk-averse regarding traditional investment methods, Spiral’s research shows that more women than men were open to taking financial risks.

Source: Spiral

Another key finding of the study was that both men and women prefer to learn via online platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Twitter is where the most Bitcoin (BTC) related conversations take place, according to the women who participated in the survey. Influencers are also a popular source of information among those polled, with over one-third preferring local influencers.

Based on these results, women seem to be taking a safer and more open-minded approach to their investment strategies, making them possibly “better investors than men.” However, it is important to note that the sample size for the research is extremely small, so the above results do not narrate the worldwide landscape and sentiments of Bitcoin investors.