Bitcoin Could Be the Next Best Alternative to Central Banks: ChatGPT

Vinod Dsouza

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence bot seems to know the value that Bitcoin holds and commands in the financial sector. A Bitcoin maxi who provides educational materials for new entrants in the cryptocurrency markets asked ChatGPT “How can humanity end central banking?”

Surprisingly, ChatGPT explained that one way for central banking to come to an end could be through “decentralized digital currencies,” which sounds more like Bitcoin.

The BTC maxi straightforwardly asked, “Which one is it ChatGPT: Bitcoin, or crypto?” The bot replied with “Bitcoin”.

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Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto after the 2008 financial crisis to safeguard investors from central institutions. The AI also stressed in one of its answers that “decentralize finance” could be another option to end central banking.

“You’re not going to believe this, but I just Orange Pilled ChatGPT. It is now a Bitcoiner. See this conversation, it’s incredible,” the Bitcoin maxi named Parman tweeted.

You can go through the Twitter thread below to fully understand ChatGPT’s views on Bitcoin and the digital assets market.

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The machine learning tool understands the importance Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies play in the financial sector. The digital assets market is slowly yet steadily spreading its wings by attracting new investors around the globe.

Also, ChatGPT wrote an entire news article on a leading cryptocurrency entirely on its own. You can read here to know how well the AI bot understands the digital markets.

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The Rise of Bitcoin & ChatGPT

ChatGPT AI Bitcoin BTC

The only thing that’s constant in the world is ‘change’. The old sector gets disrupted by the new and evolves to become more beneficial to the common person at that particular point in time. Similarly to how Bitcoin challenged the traditional banks, ChatGPT now challenges the Google search engine. Whether they would succeed in their mission or fail, there’s no doubt that both are beneficial to the world.