Bitcoin Depot Deploying Over 60 ATMs to Major Grocery Chain

Joshua Ramos
Source: PR Newswire

The world-leading Bitcoin ATM network has announced that 60 of its ATMs are set to be deployed in the fastest-growing grocery chain in the country, Fareway. Indeed, Bitcoin Depot has announced its partnership with the company that features more than 130 stores in the Midwestern United States.

The development will certainly be important for the growing prevalence and prominence of Bitcoin ATMs. Moreover, the agreement noted that exactly 66 units would arrive at Fareway locations in seven different states. The development will continue Bitcoin Depot expansion efforts into the new year.

Source: De Moines Register

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Bitcoin Depot and Fareway Sign Major Partnership to Expand Bitcoin ATMs

One of the most interesting developments in the digital asset sector has been the rise in Bitcoin ATMs. Although they have been rather inconsistent in their prevalence, there may be no better time to expand their presence than in 2024. This year, the overall adoption and relevance of BTC has rapidly increased.

Now, Bitcoin Depot is taking advantage of the development, as they are planning to deploy more than 60 Bitcoin ATMs in a major grocery store chain. Specifically, the network announced a partnership with FAreway that would see a Bitcoin ATM in more than half of its 130 locations.

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Source: Blockworks

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The deployment of the ATMs is set to take place in the second quarter of this year. Moreover, they should be featured in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri. Additionally, Bitcoin Depot has viewed the collaboration as a benefit to all parties. One that helps both the asset, the ease of access for holders, and the grocery chain.

“Our technology has a proven track record of success across our portfolio of retail partners, ” Bitcoin Depot CEO Brandon Mintz said. “I believe our customer-first approach aligns perfectly with Fareway’s ethos. We anticipate a mutually beneficial partnership with enhances the cash-to-Bitconi experience for Fareway customers.

Bitcoin Depot is well known for its fast network and is currently the world leader in Bitcoin ATMs. The development will work to increase the exposure of that impressive technology. With the rising popularity of Bitcoin, these developments should only be continued. Indeed, the company has expressed its interest in further expansion this year.