Bitcoin is not Controlled By Banks, That’s the Point, Says Tucker Carlson While Praising TallyCoin

Vinod Dsouza
Tucker Carlson Bitcoin TallyCoin Fox News Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy Banks
Source: Fox News

Fox News anchor and conservative host Tucker Carlson has come out in support of Bitcoin and decentralized finance. The television host explained Bitcoin and TallyCoin’s value proposition and its importance to the world in his recent news segment.

He spoke in length about how websites such as GoFundMe and others block funding to conservative movements. Moreover, he pointed out that Canadian truckers ‘freedom convoy’ who are on strike regarding the vaccine mandates are unable to raise funds. Hence, he pointed out that they’re now looking at cryptos to raise money and started to receive donations through TallyCoin.

”Some Canadians are really worried about that (blocking funds) and are trying cryptocurrencies. TallyCoin, for example, is a small crowdfunding service that uses Bitcoin. It’s not controlled by banks, that’s the point. They’re hosting a fundraiser for the truckers. Why is this appealing? Because no one can steal the money. No government can pressure anyone to turn the money over, because governments don’t control crypto.”

Bitcoin goes from person A to person B and the company connects the two. It’s pretty appealing. You can imagine the long-term consequences here. If the people in charge in this country and in Canada want to make the U.S dollar irrelevant, they’ll keep acting like this. Either way, it’s becoming very clear that the only way around the stranglehold is decentralization,” he said.

Tucker Carlson’s Bitcoin Segment Gives Rise to TallyCoin

TallyCoin is a decentralized crowdfunding platform built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows people and groups to start receiving donations for their respective causes. Users can donate their holdings to fundraisers with zero crowdfunding fees. TallyCoin takes no cut of percentage in donations from both parties and acts as a point of service.

“Bitcoin and the lightning network allow users to transact with each other directly without going through a 3rd party. TallyCoin is not a 3rd party to any donation and cannot censor peer-to-peer transactions,” their recent tweet read.

Also, hundreds of people have donated to the Canadian truckers ‘freedom convoy’ through TallyCoin. Data shows that a user donated 2.22 Bitcoin’s to the freedom convoy fundraiser and the donations are pouring in. “Holy Truck! Someone just donated 2.22 #Bitcoin to the tallycoin campaign, goal has been reached!” tweeted a user.