Bitcoin is Now the 6th Largest Asset in the World! Passing Facebook and Tesla

Source: Coincentral

The largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, is currently the 6th largest asset in the world by market value! According to assetdash.comBTC’s market cap has surpassed that of Facebook and Tesla. A tweet by @WatcherGuru confirms this.

At the time of writing, the top digital coin has a market cap of $1.234 trillion higher than Tesla’s $1.228 trillion. The Facebook company, which recently rebranded to Meta, has a market cap of $973.49 billion.

Source: Asset Dash website

The top 5 assets globally are Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, and Google’s parent company Alphabet. According to, the world’s top asset is Microsoft, whose market cap is $2.524 trillion. 

Microsoft is valued at $2.523 trillion, while Apple’s market cap sits at $2.481 trillion. The fourth-largest asset in the world is Saudi Aramco, which has a market cap of $1.978 trillion. Lastly, among the top five assets is Google’s parent company, Alphabet, whose capitalization stands at $1.978 trillion. 

In the case that Bitcoin keeps performing well as it has been, the ‘digital gold’ may soon be on its way to being one of the top 5 assets in the world. The crypto may even overtake Amazon and tech giant Google. Who knows? 

Digital coin, Ethereum, ranks at number 13 on the list of top assets in the world on the AssetDash site. ETH, which has also been a top-performing crypto coin, has a market cap of $558.36 billion.

Source: AssetDash site

Ethereum’s market capitalization ranks the digital currency above well-known and valuable companies such as JPMorgan Chase and Co., Visa, Netflix, Nike, Coca Cola, and Walmart

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $64,455.60 while Ethereum trades at $4,724.68, a slight drop from its all-time high record of $4,768.07. Analysts predict Bitcoin may reach $98k before the year ends. We’ll have to wait to find out if it does.