Bitcoin’s Record Exodus: Largest Single-Day Outflow in 12 Months

Sahana Kiran
Source – Watcher Guru

In a significant development indicating a potential change in investor sentiment, Bitcoin witnessed its most substantial single-day outflow from exchanges in the past 12 months. This occurrence is amid recent market volatility, prompting speculation regarding various factors, including the expectation of a Bitcoin Spot ETF approval and the impact of the holiday season on investor behavior.

Market Recap

Today, crypto prices once again entered negative territory following a noteworthy surge on Dec. 28. The broader digital assets market experienced a week of volatility, raising inquiries about the potential influence of factors such as regulatory expectations and the festive season on market dynamics.

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Volatility and Anticipation of Bitcoin Spot ETF

The recent market fluctuations suggest that investors may be adopting a cautious approach in anticipation of the much-anticipated approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF, expected as early as January. Uncertainty surrounding regulatory decisions often leads market participants to reassess their positions, contributing to heightened volatility.

Some experts also attribute the recent losses to the holiday mood, speculating that both individual investors and institutional whales may be adopting a more reserved approach during this period.

Bitcoin’s Price Changes

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, experienced a 1.37% decline, settling at $42,640.80, with a corresponding 11.26% dip in trading volume to $23.06 billion. Over the past seven days, Bitcoin faced a modest 3% decline, while exhibiting a gain of approximately 12% over the last 30 days.

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Despite market changes, on-chain activity continues to bolster a bullish case for Bitcoin. Notably, on Wednesday, over 28,000 BTC valued at $1.19 billion left centralized exchanges, marking the most substantial single-day outflow in Bitcoin terms since Dec. 14, 2022. Such outflows are often interpreted as indications of investors choosing to hold their assets directly or adopting a long-term holding strategy.

Coinbase Outflow and ETF Speculation

Coinbase, a Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange, and custodian for nine of the 12 proposed spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the U.S. witnessed an outflow of over 18,000 BTC on Dec. 27, according to analytics firm CryptoQuant. This development fueled speculation on the social media platform X about potential institutional activity ahead of the expected ETF launch in early January.


Overall, the Bitcoin balance in wallets associated with centralized exchanges has reduced to 2,327,025 BTC, reaching its lowest level since April 2018. A decrease in coins on exchanges is often seen as a sign of diminishing supply-side pressures, indicating the potential for price appreciation.

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The substantial outflow of Bitcoin from exchanges signifies a noteworthy shift in market dynamics, potentially influenced by factors such as regulatory expectations and the holiday season. As the market awaits the potential approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF and navigates ongoing volatility, the diminished supply on exchanges introduces an intriguing dimension to the evolving narrative surrounding the trajectory of the leading cryptocurrency. Investors and enthusiasts will closely monitor developments, especially considering the pivotal role institutional participation continues to play in shaping the future of the crypto landscape.