Boston Dynamics Introduces New Generation ‘Atlas’ Robot

Joshua Ramos

Engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics has officially introduced its new generation of “Atlas” robots. The company unveiled the innovating electric Atlas platform in a move that will see it retire its hydraulic model of the robotics design.

The unprecedented engineering marvel has been created with a focus on real-world applications, the company announced in a press release. Moreover, they have noted the newest Atlas model is built on “decades of research” into crafting the most capable technology that the industry has to offer.

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Boston Dynamics Unveils New Electric Atlas Robot

Over the last year, the technology sector has seen an influx of breakthroughs conquer the market. This was led by the generative artificial intelligence wave that dominated demand and attention. Led by ChatGPT and similar programs, AI became one of the darlings and focal points of the industry.

Now, today’s announcement could signal yet another point of interest for the sector as a whole. Specifically, Boston Dynamics has officially unveiled its new generation Atlas robot. The model is built on an electric platform that does away with the classic hydraulic focus of the company.

Boston Dynamics
Source: Euronews

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The company noted this new Atlas model is the latest in “useful mobile robots solving the toughest challenges in the industry today: With Spot, with Stretch, and now with Atlas.” Additionally, they note that Atlas is set to be the latest example of the company’s efforts to “deliver a valuable solution.”

Moreover, they announced Hyundai will operate as the testing ground for Atlas’ applicative abilities. Subsequently, they state that the impending months and years will provide extensive data into what the humanoid robot is capable of.

The newest generation of Atlas will reportedly feature increased strength and range of motion. Furthermore, it will integrate the company’s industry-leading hardware and software developments over the past decade.