BRICS & Biden Agree: A New World Order is Necessary

Joshua Ramos
President Biden has requested $24 billion in taxpayer money from Congress to support war efforts in Ukraine.

The overall growth of the BRICS economic alliance has caught the global power balance off guard. Moreover, as the United States attempts to curtail the alliance’s de-dollarization efforts, both sides are not proving as dissimilar as previously thought. Indeed, amid recent comments, BRICS and US President Joe Biden agree that a new world order is necessary.

During a speech this month, Biden discussed the changing tide of the global economic landscape. “We were in a post-war period for 50 years where it worked pretty damn well, but that sort of ran out of steam. It needs a new world order—a new world order in a sense like that was a new world order,” Biden stated.

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Source: T Narayan / Bloomberg

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BRICS and Joe Biden Share Need for a New World Order

Over the last few months, the growth of the BRICS alliance has been undeniable. The economic alliance has given a voice to developing nations and provided an alternative to Western dominance. Yet, amid that growth, the United States may actually agree with the need for a shift in the global power balance.

Following statements made during a speech, it is clear that both BRICS and Biden agree that a new world order is necessary. Subsequently, Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov noted his agreement with Biden. “We absolutely agree,” he stated. “This is a rare case when we absolutely agree with what he said. Indeed, the world needs a new order based on completely different principles.”

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It is clear that the BRICS bloc is attempting to usher in that new world order. Firstly, through their carefully implemented de-dollarization efforts throughout this year. Subsequently, the bloc has firmly embraced a way to eliminate international reliance on the US dollar. Things like BRICS Pay and developing digital currencies provide clear avenues for this.

The changes appear unavoidable at this point, especially following BRICS’ six-country expansion plan. The bloc is set to bring about its ultimate goal of a multipolar world. Moreover, the United States appears to understand that such a shift would be a global benefit.