BRICS: Digital Yuan Opens The Door for a Dollarless Future

Joshua Ramos
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The BRICS economic alliance has consistently embraced a move toward de-dollarization; subsequently, recent success with the digital yuan has opened the door for a potentially dollarless figure for the bloc and its member states.

Earlier this month, PetroChina completed the first international crude oil trade solely in the digital yuan. Moreover, with the arrival of BRICS Pay, a digitized future for the alliance appears to be a possibility. Therefore, a lessening reliance on local currency alone could fast-track the multipolar hopes of the bloc.

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Digital Yuan And BRICS Pay Present Digitized De-Dollarization Tools

The BRICS economic alliance shocked the world when it announced a six-country expansion at its 2023 annual summit. Indeed, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Ethiopia were all invited to join. Now, with that growth effort in motion, the bloc is fixated on addressing its concerns with US dollar usage amid international trade.

Subsequently, or the BRICS bloc, the digital yuan opens the door for a dollarless future. Specifically, its proven implementation and the arrival of BRICS Pay present a US-dollar alternative rooted in blockchain technology. Therefore, it presents a way to maximize its efforts to eliminate Western dominance in global economics.

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The use of the digital yuan in a landmark oil trade should have massive implications, even if they are not readily observable. The transaction proves the capability and viability of the digital asset. Additionally, BRICS Pay proves the potential that exists in the technology that the alliance has yet to tap into.

Last year, discussions abounded regarding a BRICS alternative currency pegged to gold. Now, these kinds of digital finance developments direct the bloc toward a more promising future. If the collective continues its embrace of digital assets, they could join to combat the dollar in a way they were unable to previously.