BRICS: Brazil President Supports Venezuela’s Bid to Join the Bloc

Joshua Ramos
Source: Latina Republic

With the annual BRICS summit set to take place in August, Brazil president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva has voiced his support for Venezuela’s bid to join the bloc. Specifically, local news outlet TeleSUR reported Da Silva’s statements that he is “in favor” of the country’s admissions o the collective.

The BRICS summit will see the bloc discuss a large number of countries seeking membership in the bloc. Moreover, Da Silva’s statements have indicated his positive perception of new countries joining the bloc’s ranks.

Brazil Welcomes Venzuelas Addition to BRICS

The BRICS Summit of 2023 is set to be vitally important. Between ongoing discussion surrounding an alternative currency, and expansion, the discourse taking place between world leaders should have important ramifications. Yet, one world leader has already tipped his hand as to the perspective he will take with him to that vital summit.

Specifically, BRICS member country Brazil has seen its president show support for Venezuela’s bid to join the bloc. Indeed, a meeting between the two has seen Da Silva’s encouragement of the additional. However, he maintained that the decision was not his alone.

Ahead of the annual BRICS summit, Brazil's president has voiced his support for Venezuela's bid to join the collective
Source: Reuters

“It’s the first BRICS meeting in which I will participate after eight years. There are several proposals from other countries that want to join the BRICS. We are going to discuss this. Because it doesn’t depend on the will of Brazil,” Da Silva stated.

“We are going to discuss this. If there is an official request, this request will be officially taken to the BRICS, and there will we decide. And if you ask me, I am in favor of it.” Subsequently, Venezuela is not alone in seeking membership. Previous reports indicate that more than 20 countries have requested to join the bloc. Subsequently, how those expansion discussions unfold at the summit will be immensely interesting.