BRICS: Could Argentina Reject Its Invitation?

Joshua Ramos
Source: Stratfor

With the BRICS expansion coming to fruition last month, six countries joined the economic alliance. For the most part, the included nations maintain perspectives that align with the bloc’s goals and hopes. Yet, with a change happening for one impending BRICS member, could Argentina reject its invitation?

The country is headed toward an important presidential election as it struggles with immense economic hardship. Moreover, the winner of the primary, Javier Milei, has stated his refusal to withdraw the application if he is awarded the presidency. Consequently, this puts the country’s BRICS status in doubt.

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Argentina Could Reject BRICS Invitation

The BRICS economic alliance has noted a marked increase in relevance this year. Indeed, the collective has seen its 2023 Annual Summit change the very trajectory of the bloc. Specifically, through the introduction of six new members. Yet one of them may end up denying the invitation.

Specifically, the BRICS bloc could see Argentina reject its invitation in the coming months. The country is headed for an important presidential election. Subsequently, the landscape of its political ideals could shift. Moreover, Javier Milei, the winner of the primary, has firmly shared his lack of enthusiasm for joining the alliance.

Source: CNN

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Additionally, presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich has also affirmed that her regime would not seek to join the alliance. The perspective of the potential president counteracts that of the current president, Alberto Fernando. Specifically, he has embraced the de-dollarization that the bloc has necessitated in its development.

On the other hand, the two primary candidates have been outspoken in their alternative views. The question now is if they will go forward with joining the bloc or if Argentina will eventually shift away. Only time will tell, but the current trajectory seems as though the country could be a tough sell on joining the bloc at the start of the year.