BRICS: India Says The Bloc is More Than Just an Alternative in the Global Landscape

Joshua Ramos
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Speaking at the BRICS foreign ministers meeting that took place last week, India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, says that the bloc is more than just an alternative in the global landscape. Specifically, the minister stated that the bloc has evolved to become an “established featured” of the global power balance.

Additionally, Jaishankar noted the steps taken by the bloc to verify its commitment to growth and inclusivity. Conversely, the meeting in Cape Town will be followed by the gathering of heads of state set to take place in August. Moreover, the BRICS summit will be vital to the trajectory of the alliance.

Is BRICS More Than an Alternative?

Last week, all eyes were on the BRICS foreign ministers meeting in Cape Town. Specifically, many observed what could come from the gathering. While dissecting what it could mean for the upcoming annual summit taking place in a few months. Alternatively, the gathering has led one minister to assert the current standing of the bloc.

Present at the BRICS foreign ministers meeting, India representative S Jaishankar noted the alliances’ are more than just an alternative in the global landscape. Indeed, in a tweet posted following the meeting, Jaishankar stated the belief that has surrounded those involved in the bloc.

“BRICS is no longer an ‘alternative’, it is an established feature of the global landscape,” he stated. Moreover, he noted that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are set to embrace inclusivity through their architectural developments.

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Jainshankar added, “BRICS is not only an expression of multipolarity but of the many and diverse ways of meeting international challenges.” Conclusively stating the blocs “focus on building a fairer, inclusive, and open international architecture with sustainable development at its core.”

Ultimately, Jaishankar stated that the goal of “resilient and reliable supply chains,” is to make sure “no one is left behind.” Additionally, affirming the recent sentiment regarding the optimism surrounding the bloc’s growth.

The upcoming annual summit will bring vital dialogue over major points. Specifically, the bloc will likely discuss potential expansion. Growth could have a massive impact on what the alliance could accomplish. Nevertheless, with an alternative currency also being developed, that growth is vital to its establishment.