BRICS: JP Morgan Says China’s Yuan Could End the US Dollar

Joshua Ramos

As the BRICS bloc has firmly entrenched de-dollarization into its growing initiatives, JP Morgan has said that China’s Yuan could end the US Dollar. Specifically, the financial services firm pointed to the yuan as a currency that could, one day, provide a “viable alternative” to the greenback.

The perspective is reinforced by how the yuan has risen to prominence throughout this year. The BRICS alliance has opted to promote local currencies to lessen the dollar’s hegemony in the global south. Subsequently, the yuan has been a popular choice, with statistics verifying its prevalence in the bloc’s unilateral settlements.

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Source: AFP

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JP Morgan Notes the Yuan as a Potential US Dollar Alternative

A key story throughout 2023 has been the BRICS de-dollarization plans. Indeed, the bloc has not been shy of its goal to lessen the dollar’s hegemony. Moreover, it has embraced various initiatives to diminish its presence in unilateral trade. Now, that may well be having an effect, as many believe the greenback could well be headed for a gradual demise.

Amid those BRICS plans, JP Morgan has stated that China’s Yuan could eventually end the US Dollar’s dominant status. Specifically, the firm identified the yuan as a viable alternative, should the dollar continue its vast decline in the international monetary system.

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Source: AFP

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Alexander Wise, the strategic researcher at JP Morgan, discussed the yuan’s role in the downfall of the dollar. “With China’s growth centrality in global commerce, one might naturally expect the renminbi to assume a greater role in the global economy over time,” Wise stated.

He added, “Relaxing capital controls, opening markets, implementing measures to promote market liquidity, bolstering the rule of law, reducing appropriation and regulatory risks, and promoting Chinese government bonds as a safe alternative asset- these could all cement China and the renminbi as a credible alternative to the US and the dollar.”

This combines with the bloc’s already implemented efforts to decrease the US dollar’s importance. Data shows that 25% of Russia’s trade with countries other than China was settled in the yuan. Additionally, China and Saudi Arabia agreed to a massive $7 billion currency swap. All of these could fast-track its ascension. Moreover, it could create greater room for the greenback to fumble as a global reserve currency.