BRICS: Nigeria Set to Replace Argentina in Expansion?

Joshua Ramos
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At the BRICS 2023 annual summit, the alliance announced a six-country expansion effort. Yet, amid a new regime in one of those nations, the alliance’s invitation was declined. Still, as BRICS has continued to embrace growth, Nigeria could well be on its way to replacing Argentina as an expansion nation.

Nigeria has shared its plans to join both BRICS and G20, within the next two years, according to Bloomberg. Moreover, it has joined Pakistan as two countries that have been outspoken in their desire to join the economic alliance. Subsequently, both may have a strong chance to emerge as the new sixth addition to the bloc.

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Nigeria Planning BRICS Entry Amid Argentina’s Rejection

For much of this year, the BRICS bloc had discussed budding expansion plans. Those discussions became a reality during its annual summit when it announced the inclusion of six countries. However, one of these nations caught the world off guard when it declined the invitation amid a regime change.

Argentina had officially declined an invitation to join the alliance. Moreover, that was made official during the ascension of newly voted president Javier Milei. Opting for greater relations with the West, the BRICS bloc could move forward with a country like Nigeria in place of Argentina for its continued expansion plan.

Nigeria has been outspoken about its desire to join both BRICS and the G20. Indeed, it joined Pakistan as the two countries thus far who have publicly shared their desire to join the economic alliance. Nigeria boasts one thing that Argentina didn’t have on its potential road toward membership; desire.

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Amid the growing power and prevalence of BRICS, Nigeria’s planned participation stemmed from a greater global voice. Its renewed passion to become a key part of the geopolitical agenda has led it to the door of the BRICS bloc. As Argentina has declined, it could provide far more value.

Nigeria has a size that certainly places it in the upper echelon of global countries. Additionally, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusu Tuggar has been outspoken about multi-later organizations that she is seeking partnerships.

“We need to belong to groups like BRICS, like the G20, and all these other ones because there’s a certain criterion, say the largest countries in terms of population and economy should belong, then why isn’t Nigeria part of it?