BRICS: Putin Ready to Negotiate a Ceasefire to Halt Ukraine War

Joshua Ramos
russia president vladimir putin
Source: CNN

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly ready and willing to negotiate a ceasefire to end the war in Ukraine. According to a Reuters report, the Russian President is seeking recognition of “current battlefield lines” in talks but is committed to continuing the offensive if no response from Kyiv or the West is granted.

Russia initiated its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, with Putin now ready to engage with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the terms of a freeze. Sources with intimate information regarding the ongoing development have noted the Russian leader’s displeasure with talks thus far.

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Russia Ready to Negotiate a Ceasefire in Ukraine War

Over the last two years, the ongoing war in Ukraine has been a dominant geopolitical issue. It has led to increased division between the G7 collective, and the BRICS nations. Moreover, it has been an ongoing military conflict that has previously shown no signs of slowing down.

That appears to be changing, however, as Vladimir Putin is reportedly willing to negotiate a ceasefire to halt the Ukraine war. Indeed, the Russian president is open to conducting the discussion with Ukrainian President Zlensky and the West.

Source: The NewYork Times

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However, sources close to the situation note that Putin “expressed frustration” with the “Western-backed attempt to stymie negotiations” as well as Zelensky’s persistence to “rule out talks.” Conversely, their report was corroborated by four individuals who verified the legitimacy of the discussions.

Furthermore, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for the Russian President, confirmed Putin’s willingness to engage in talks. Indeed, he noted that the country has continually expressed its desire for dialogue. Thereafter, he remarked that the country has no desire for an “eternal war.”

In March, Putin was re-elected as Russia’s President for the next six years. Subsequently, the report states that the leader “would rather use Russia’s current momentum to put the war behind him.” Additionally, he has reportedly informed high-ranking officials that Russia’s current success in the offensive justified a victory for its citizens.